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Welcome to the new Medellin and Colombia Travel Information Website:

Welcome to ColombiaTurismo.com.co a site dedicated to providing a complete guide and information to the traveler, tourist, student or businessman. We provide both essential information for your stay in Colombia as the most complete travel advice for Medellin Colombia and surrounding areas. We hope this website helps you learn more about tourism as well as living in Colombia. This website is under development and should be fully functional in the following weeks. Areas to watch are transportation, bilingual guides, translators, which will be up soon.

If you would like to see how our service providers will be listed please check out our first drivers we have posted here. click here We will be using a similar format to list personal guides, translators, and other service providers. Please let us know what you would like to see by commenting below. Laughing

This site is being built up with the help of our visitors! As this website is built for userfeedback, in blogging format we urge all our visitors to leave comments, and questions regarding traveling and or living in Colombia!

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When we plan our trips, whether for vacation or business, we always plan who long are we going to take, what gifts are we going to get for our loved ones, what routes are we going to take and the specific places that we will visit, but we never consider unexpected situations in which we may require some assistance like the one provides by Assist Card
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Parranda Paisa
Medellin Night Life and Evening Tours

See the city alive at night, or during the day, you program the hours that you want. Our drivers will guide you to which ever part of the city you want to go.


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The choice to invest in Colombia is supported by the fact that it is one of the countries of more economic growth in the region, which is why three of the major rating agencies worldwide, Fitch, Standard and
Poor's and Moody's, ensure that Colombia is a safe country to invest and recommend to invest in Colombia, giving the country an investment grade rating. In addition to this, according to JP Morgan,
Colombia will be the second most attractive country for investment in Latin America over the next 3 years.
Likewise, the World Bank classifies Colombia as the fifth country in the world and first among 183 countries in Latin America that better protects investors, representing to invest in security Colombia. The
International Institute for Managment Development (IMD), Colombia ranks as number 2 in Latin America in terms of personal safety and adequate protection of private property.
In addition to being fertile ground because its growing economy and stability, government policies for the Commercial Development of Biotechnology from the sustainable use of biodiversity is projected as
one of the most interesting in the world.
Invest in Medellin Real State
Another important option for investment in the country is to invest in real estate, as major cities are on the rise and especially Medellin Real State has reached historic highs. This is because this beautiful city
is full of surprises for the visitor spaces in the city are full of restaurants, bars, cafes, plazas, parks, libraries and museums. Therefore tourism is growing every year and Invest in Medellin Real State is a real
business because of the popularity of furnished apartments in exclusive areas of the city.
Medellin is known as the city of eternal spring because it is located in a mountain valley that creates a special microclimate all year. This factor is quite attractive to visitors, who often become permanent
residents, especially pensioners people who come to the area known as El Poblado, for its safety and availability of places with the comforts to which they are accustomed to in their country of origin because
of this a growing community of expats has formed that choose to to Invest in Medellin Real State.
Additionally you can find professional advice from American expats with experience in handling the Colombia Investment Visa, as this is necessary if you want to to invest in Medellin Real State.
As a growing economy and the investment opportunities are everywhere, from to Invest in Medellin Real Estate, passing through agricultural products to mining. With the FTA (Free Trade) with the United
States, which greatly reduces the fiscal burden it is expected significant increase in foreign investment and rising capital to Colombian companies that also want to get their products to the U.S. market. From
everywhere business men arrive daily looking to get the Colombia Investment Visa. Although for some it may be difficult to make the processes to obtain Visa Colombia Investment, if you have appropriate
professional advice, it becomes a fairly easy process.

new york times view from the balconyThe choice to Invest in Colombia  is supported by the fact that it is one of the countries of more economic growth in the region, which is why three of the major rating agencies worldwide, Fitch, Standard and Poor's and Moody's, ensure that Colombia is a safe country

Guatape and El Penol Tours PDF Print

gatape Guatapé:
This is a beautiful town next to El Peñol. The main attraction you will find in Guatapé is the “La Piedra del Peñol”, an immense 721-foot monolith rock, with a spectacular view. The area is also known for great lake side homes, water sports,  and restuarants with the best fish in the area.  You will want to climb – the el Peñol rock staircase to be check out one of the greatest views in the Colombia.





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